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For Hearing People Only: Third Edition
Easy-to read, enjoyable,
non-jargonized “Deaf Studies” handbook for beginners. Answers to the most persistent and essential questions about deaf people, their ways of communication, protocol, and their capabilities. Each chapter is illustrated.
Paperback, 768 pages

ISBN 0-9634016-3-7
List: $35.95
With P&H: $43.00

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HPO-3 has its own Website, with an online form for purchase orders.



Vignettes of several notable deaf people on pastel U.S. flag background
Great Deaf Americans:

Second Edition

70 chapters comprising 77 brief, lively biographical profiles of eminent deaf people in a variety of fields, from diverse backgrounds and communication modes. Some are famous, some not so well-known. Each chapter is illustrated, most with photos. Includes detailed bibliography.
Paperback, 512 pages

ISBN 0-9634016-6-1
List: $27.95
With P&H : $31.95

This edition has sold out, but the third edtion is in progress.

St. Michael's Church steeple being razed (photo)
St. Michael’s Fall

Poems about growing up deaf, Catholic, and oral in small-town Michigan during the 1970s, and the beginnings of “Deaf” awareness. Intensely personal, with universal appeal. Includes the searing “Crucifixion,” about the history and politics of a bitterly divided community.
Paperback, 96 pages

ISBN 0-9634016-8-8
List: $15.95
With P&H: $19.95
Bob Panara onstage, signing (B&W photo)
On His Deafness and Other Melodies Unheard

A variety of poems by a veteran man of letters, ranging from epic to romantic to just-for-fun. Many genres represented. Each reader will have their particular favorites. Includes essay “On Teaching Poetry to the Deaf,” and notes.
Paperback, 112 pages

ISBN 0-9634016-5-3
List: $18.95
With P&H: $22.95

Front & back covers: two hands making the sign for “meet”; photo of authorsMeeting Halfway in American Sign Language
Lavishly photo-illustrated sign-language textbook. Recommended for intermediate students. Includes notes, glosses, and bibliography.
Hardcover, 192 pages

ISBN 0-9634016-7-X
List: $42.95
on sale for $32.95
With P&H: $36.95


Victory Week

A child’s-eye view of the Deaf President Now uprising of March 1988, simply told just for children, but can be enjoyed by all ages. With 19 gorgeous full-color watercolor illustrations. A lovely gift for the Deaf children in your life—or for yoursef!
Softcover, 40 pages

ISBN 0-9634016-5-3
List: $25.00
With P&H: $29.00

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